Snow Shoeing around Tilly Jane A-Frame


Tilly Jane is an A frame cabin built in 1939 in Mt. Hood National Forest.  From the trailhead it is about a three miles to the cabin.  We trekked in on a Thursday.  The sun had just set as we arrived.  Our first order of business was lighting fire in the wood stove.   Tilly Jane can hold up to 20 people, and they can be 20 strangers, or even 1 person.  The cabin is two stories, with the dining, tables and fire on the first floor; and the sleeping above.  When I was her two years ago, it was a full house.  However, this time, it was just my friends Tim, Josh and I.  We had the place to ourselves! Instead of sleeping upstairs, we slept by the fire.  I was warm all night long.

Then on Friday, we took a hike along the ridge.  It was a relief not to have the backpack and much more snow than below.  There were times we actually needed shoe shoes, there was a lot of ice and slush.  Sadly, the past two years had more snow at this time.   Crampons were more useful with these conditions.

Another beautiful forest that I was fortunate to bask in the glory with friends.

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White Falls


To kick off the new year, I visited White Falls State Park.  It’s a park that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while, and only a 2 hour drive from Portland.  The hike around the falls is really quite minimal, less than a mile each way.  It’s also the site of a retired hydroelectric plant.  It would be fun to rummage around on a warmer day.  When I visited it was 27 degrees.  Too cold to get immersed in the area.  Even though I wasn’t there very long, it was still worthwhile jaunt.

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Silver Falls State Park

To celebrate the new winter season, my friend, Karli, and I went to Silver Falls State Park.  It is around 120 miles south and east of Portland.  We rented a cabin complete from  The cabin was by a stream, had two rooms, a heater, but no bed linens (bring your own sheet, sleeping bag and pillow). Then the next morning, we went hiking on the main loop and side hikes as well, for around 14.2 miles.  We got back home as the sun was setting.  It was magical.

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Morgan turned rogue


This is a a clay sculpture with silver patina that I made at the Lynn Forbes sculpture school in Carlsbad, CA.  The model’s name is Morgan.  The backside of the head has a hole, used to hollow out the form for firing.  I also use the opening to hold my cap gun (purchased at a civil war re-enactment) and my eyepatch.  Thus making the young woman into a rogue buccaneer.

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a little gem

blog posting was a way a friend and I would communicate our incoherent rants to each-other before twitter/Facebook. This little gem made me smile. It’s ridiculous and poorly written, enjoy.


Where’s the sweet spot? where you want to be. where are you? wandering away, somewhere else.  is the grass actually greener? wetter I hope.  escape to somewhere new? anywhere else, not here. out of the moment.

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