Enola Hill

Enola Hill is also known as The Swine.  It is off the beaten path, and I’ve never ran into other climbing groups at this crag.  The approach is hard to see though the dense plant life.  It is in the Mt. Hood National Forest, and the closest town is Rhododendron.  The road has many pot holes and should not be attempted in a car other than an SUV or truck.  When we arrived at the top, there was a guy alone in his car, listening to AC/DC and screaming to himself.  This rando did not wave, or look our direction.  His fire pit had an empty handle of whisky.  Our climbing group was a little sketched out by this dude, he clearly was not in a good head space.  Last time I was at this spot, some rednecks were randomly shooting at trees.  So if you go, be weary of who you may meet.

We only got in 4 routes before the rain pushed us home.  The routes were so much fun.  All the routes had a high first bolt.  Loose rock, tons of moss, and some overhanging routes, but the holds were there.

Nate recently got a new Toyota Tacoma stick shift, so we had to try it out on the big puddles.  The gang got a kick out of being jumbled around in the car.

This crag was typical Oregon crag.  Some people aren’t fans, but I have nothing but love for this chaucy gnar.  The setting was secluded and peaceful.  Good times were had by all.


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