Fern Gully the last Jurastic Rainforest Park

We began the day with a 30m soak in Finnish tubs at Cafe Mokka. Then we had killer oyster sliders at the farmer’s market. From there, we set off to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. I was told that some parts of the original Jurassic Park was filmed here, I didn’t check my references but after blindly following a recommendation, it seems likely.  At the ranger station we paid $5 for day use parking and were told that the roads were treacherous and not to be passed unless one had AWD or 4WD.  AWD Kia Sportage, I got this, I grew up in Colorado. We accepted this warning and continued to pass.  Pot holes galore!  The puddles made the pot holes seem deceivingly shallow.  I was going 5mph and should have been going 2mph, I hit the angle wrong, the puddle too deep, smashy smashy.  The plastic cover of my bottom ripped off.  After clearing the chasm, we pulled to the side.  In a white dress, Lady A jumped out of the car, laid flat to the ground, scooted under the car to examine the damage.  She found a loose plastic screw and grabbed it.  Two guys in raised truck pull over the side to help us but all we can manage is to tuck the plastic under the bumper and keep going. (Next week, I find out that I damaged my oil pan, but radiator was fine.  $350 later my car at a new baseline). We park at the bottom of the trailhead and start the trek.  The main hike is through the riverbed.  This is a shallow creek with VERY COLD water.  We begin by carefully placing our feet on rock by solitary rock, shimmying on the fallen logs, until one too many splashes later, you resolve to hike in wet boots. In hindsight, Chalko’s or Teva’s would be a better choice to hiking boots. It was so beautiful, we had to take a moment on a fallen tree to sit and listen to the water.  Wet, cold, and the daylight fading, we headed back to Arcata.


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