Earth Day Roadtrip to Norcal

Gretchen (affectionately known at G-Dawg) and I road tripped to see Lady A (aka Amberley) in  Arcata, California.  Arcata is a sleepy, bay, beach town in Northern California, just barely south of Oregon.  It is also home to Humboldt State University.  Turns out, Humboldt is a county, not a town.  Google maps says it’s 7.5 hours from Portland, but it really was closer to 8.5 hours with bathroom breaks, gas refills and dinner at the only In and Out Burger in Oregon, Grant’s pass.  You can find references to the bible verses on the bottom of In and Out’s cups and plates.  We arrived at night in Arcata and we cracked open a bottle of cheap champagne. Then we rambled the streets.  I bought a bottle of Courvoisier. Blurry fuzzy laughter. We crashed out.

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mild mannered by day; super heroine by night
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